Solea Laser Commercial Transcriptions

Audio Transcription

DR. SMITH: Hey, how are you today?

PATIENT: Little nervous.

PATIENT (MUFFLED): Am I going to need a shot?

DR. SMITH: No, it’s pain-free.

PATIENT (MUFFLED): Yeah, right. There is no such thing as a pain-free dentist.

DR. SMITH: Done. Nothing to worry about.

PATIENT: No shot? No drill? That’s amazing.

VOICE-OVER: At Smith Dentalworks, we have the Solea Laser, which makes your visit pain-free. Experience it for yourself. Call today. 505-4422.

Visual Transcription

Dentist Dr. Atty Smith comes into frame and sits down to talk to her patient.

Patient is in the dental chair and he talks to Dr. Smith about how he is nervous for his dental treatment.

Dr. Smith examines the patient’s mouth. Subtitles appear because the patient is speaking in a muffled voice. The subtitles read “Am I going to need a shot?”

Dr. Smith smiles and waves her hand, telling the patient that dentistry at Smith Dentalworks is pain-free.

Dr. Smith continues to examine the patient’s mouth. Subtitles appear again as the patient says in a muffled voice, “Yeah, right. There is no such thing as a pain-free dentist.”

Dr. Smith uses the Solea dental laser to complete the patient’s treatment.

Dr. Smith pulls her hands away and smiles, telling the patient she is done.

The patient talks to Dr. Smith and he expresses his amazement at how easy his dental care was with the Solea Laser.

The Solea Laser logo appears on screen as well as a blue-tinted video of the dental laser. The video also shows Dr. Smith using the laser. The bottom of the screen says 520.505.4422 and

An animation plays of the Smith Dentalworks logo, which has the text “Informative. Innovative. Individualized.” below it. The phone number 520.505.442 and the web address are also on screen in blue.