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Dental Technology

At Smith Dentalworks, being an innovative dental office is one of our guiding principles. We strive to provide high-quality dental services using cutting-edge technology. This provides you with the most comfortable experience possible.

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Solea®️ Laser

One of the most innovative tools we use at Smith Dentalworks is the Solea® Laser. This dental laser allows us to offer exceptional care for patients. This laser replaces the outdated drill for a variety of different dental procedures and oral surgeries. This includes dental filling, tongue-tie or frenectomies, crown lengthening, gingivectomies, removal of fiibromas, exposures, and more. It can be used on soft tissue (such as gums) as well as harder surfaces like tooth enamel.

The best part of the Solea Laser is that it makes your dental care truly pain free. Patients have said it feels similar to eating a snow cone: slightly cold, but not painful. There is no need for anesthesia with most procedures when we use this laser. This means there is no need to use a painful needle to inject anesthetic and you won’t leave the office with a numb mouth.

The dental laser makes gum therapy more efficient, effective, and comfortable. It also accelerates the healing process so your gums heal more quickly. Our team at Smith Dentalworks uses the state-of-the-art Solea Laser to perform many reliable, anesthesia-free, and pain-free dental procedures. This type of laser dentistry takes the drill, needle, noise, and pain out of your dental visits. The Solea Laser allows us to provide you with more effective treatments and better comfort.

In addition to our innovative Solea laser, we have the following types of technology in our office:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are immediately visible and allow Dr. Smith to see your teeth, jaw, and bone internally so she can diagnose any pertinent concerns early on. Early detection of many conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay allow for treatment with less complicated procedures.

Digital images are easy to transfer to other providers that Dr. Smith may be working with and they provide a clearer picture of what’s happening with your oral health. Since there are no chemicals needed to develop digital x-rays, they also leave less of a footprint on the environment.

Another benefit is that digital x-rays expose patients to significantly less radiation, protecting your health.

Digital Impressions

Remember having goopy, uncomfortable impressions taken of your teeth and feeling like you were going to gag while the material hardened in your mouth? This can be one of the most dreaded parts of restorative and cosmetic procedures. At Smith Dentalworks, our advanced technology eliminates this issue.

We use digital impressions at our dental practice. This allows Dr. Smith to scan an image of your tooth or teeth that need to be repaired. We utilize this technology for record keeping to monitor recession and wear. It can also be used for the fabrication of crowns, veneers, bridges, night guards, retainers, and even Invisalign®️ aligners.

Dental Implants and Restorations

It is estimated that 178 million people in the United States are missing one or more teeth, so you are not alone. We understand how much missing teeth can impact your confidence and your day-to-day life and we are here to help. Dental implants can help prevent bone loss in your jaw and restorations can give you a gorgeous, natural-looking new smile.

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