How We Use Laser Dentistry for Cavities

Our innovative Solea® Laser makes dentistry pain-free and can be used for a wide variety of procedures. One example is utilizing laser dentistry for cavities. During this process, we use our dental laser to remove decayed parts of the tooth and prepare the area for a filling. There is no need for a needle or noisy drill, and there is no pain.

How the Solea Laser Works

Our dental laser produces a beam of infrared light using electricity and carbon dioxide gas. This invisible light reflects off a series of mirrors that intensify it. The final laser is optimized based on the type of tissue is that is being cut. In the case of cavity filling, the laser cuts through the enamel and has a wavelength of 9.3 microns. This is the peak absorption of hydroxyapatite, the major component of tooth enamel, and using this wavelength makes it possible for the laser to make precise and accurate cuts.

Filling Preparation

If left untreated, tooth decay will continue to spread. As a result, treatment requires removing the damaged tissue from the tooth and filling the space left behind. When we use laser dentistry for cavities, we cut through enamel with the high-intensity infrared beam. We make sure to remove all affected tissue and the fact that the laser also sterilizes as it cuts makes it process easier. Once we have cleared away the decay, we fill the tooth using tooth-colored composite resin. This blends in with the tooth and looks natural.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry vs Traditional Filling Preparation


The beam produced by the Solea Laser vibrates at a frequency that your nerves are unable to process. This means that the process is pain-free. This means there is no need for a needle and your experience is more comfortable.

Less Time in the Office

Because anesthesia is usually unnecessary, the process of preparing the tooth and filling the cavity is quicker. This means you don’t need to spend as much time in the office. Additionally, you won’t leave with a numb mouth, as is often the case when the procedures are done with local anesthesia.

No Drill

The sound of a dental drill can be unnerving for many patients. Our dental laser makes the drill unnecessary so there’s less noise and less stress.

Laser Dental Care at Smith Dentalworks

At Smith Dentalworks, we use our Solea Laser to give you a better experience at the dentist. We can use this technology to prepare your tooth for a filling. This process is suited for both children and adults in most cases. Innovation is one of the focuses of our dental practice and we are committed to using the best technology available for our patients.

To learn more about how we can use laser dentistry for cavities, contact us today.