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How can Solea® laser dentistry in Oro Valley, AZ help me?

Your comfort is our priority at Smith Dental Works, and we are always looking for ways to enhance it. Because Dr. Smith stays current with the latest advances, we often incorporate new technology like Solea® laser dentistry at our Oro Valley, AZ dental office.

Comfortable Dentistry in Oro Valley

Dental lasers have many uses and make certain procedures more efficient and comfortable, with less bleeding, shorter recovery times, and better long-term outcomes. Laser dentistry is especially useful when we need to perform periodontal treatment that would typically involve gum surgery.

Instead of invasive surgery, there are no incisions involved with the Solea® Laser because a concentrated beam of heat and light removes infected gum tissue and seals and sterilizes the area. Dental lasers allow Dr. Smith to pinpoint the infected area and leave healthy gum tissue undisturbed.

By using laser dentistry for gum infection treatment, Dr. Smith and her team offer our patients an efficient, effective procedure with minimal discomfort, less bleeding, and shorter recovery times than traditional gum surgery.

Contact Our Clinic

If you are worried because you’ve been told that you need gum surgery, please call Smith Dental Works and ask us about Solea® laser dentistry at our Oro Valley, AZ dental office. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith so she can explain more about laser dentistry and how it can help you avoid the discomfort of traditional gum surgery.