Solea Laser Informational Video Transcriptions

Audio Transcription

VOICE-OVER: Dr. Atty Smith is preparing her patient to get a cavity filled, but instead of a drill, she’s starting up this machine.

DR. SMITH: No one likes getting a cavity, but we’re going to make it pretty easy to fix it up today, okay?

VOICE-OVER: She says it’s a CO2 laser that taps at your tooth 10,000 times a second.

DR. SMITH: Allows us to do the same procedure, get the cavity out or the filling out, sculpt the gums, do whatever we’re needing to do and they’re virtually pain-free.

VOICE-OVER: Dr. Smith bought this device because it gets rid of two big fears her patients have. The drill and the shot.

DR. SMITH: It’s really cold water that’s gonna be spraying on their tooth, and as that’s working it’s kind of numbing it and, you know, we can get done a lot faster, also.

VOICE-OVER: Her patient Solaris Graves says that this laser made her experience at the dentist so much easier.

PATIENT: Avoid the pain, avoid the… what follows after going to the dentist, having to wait to eat.

PATIENT’S MOTHER: I’m happy that this technology is available, that way more kids don’t get scared to come in to get their teeth fixed.

VOICE-OVER: Dr. Smith says she’s used it on hundreds of patients, both kids and adults, and says everyone seems pretty excited about it.

PATIENT’S MOTHER: Wish this technology was available back in, you know, when I was growing up, when you had to experience all this pain and that’s what made you not want to go to the dentist.

REPORTER: Now this is the device right here. It’s called Solea and what it is, is it helps make the process of getting rid of those cavities a lot easier, and now Dr. Smith says this could actually be the future of dentistry. Reporting live in Oro Valley, Veronica Vernachio, KGUN 9.

Visual Transcription

Oro Valley dentist Dr. Atty Smith puts on blue gloves.

Text at bottom of the screen says:
KGUN 9 | On Your Side
New Tech at the Dentist’s Office
Procedures Without the Dreaded Needed or Drill to Help Ease Patients

There is also an ad and weather forecasts displayed at the bottom of the screen and a logo for ABC 9.

A patient at her dentist office, a teenage girl, puts on protective glasses. Dr. Smith is standing behind the patient’s chair.

Dr. Smith lowers the patient’s chair while talking to her about the process of getting her cavity filled. The patient smiles while listening.

The camera pans over the Solea Laser.

A green light from the Solea dental laser is on a tooth inside the patient’s mouth. The light flashes and “taps” on the tooth.”

Dr. Smith talks to the camera about the dental laser and how it makes procedures faster and pain-free.

Text switches to say
Dr. Atty Smith
Using Device in Tucson.

Text returns to previous description.

The camera again pans over the Solea Laser, showing the logo on the side of the device.

Dr. Smith uses the laser while the patient sits in the chair. She also sprays water into the patient’s mouth during the process.

Dr. Smith opens a package with a dental instrument.

The patient’s mouth is open while the dentist sprays water on her teeth and uses the laser.

Dr. Smith talks while facing the camera again.

Dr. Smith continues to complete dental treatment for the patient using th Solea Laser.

There is a close-up of Dr. Smith’s face, then of the patient.

The patient sits in a room and talks to the camera about her experience with the pain-free dental laser.

Text switches to say
Solaris Graves
Dr. Atty’s Patient.

Text returns to previous description.

Patient’s mom also speaks about the experience at Dr. Smith’s Oro Valley dentist office.

Text switches to read
Martha Graves
Solaris’s Mom.

Text returns to previous description.

The patient is shown laying down while Dr. Smith continues the process of preparing her tooth for a filling.

The screen on the Solea dental laser displays current settings for the dental procedure.

A young girl is in the chair at the dentist’s office holding a teddy bear.

The Solea Laser’s screen displays a dialog screen while a hand moves the equipment around.

Solaris’s mother again speaks to the camera.

There is a close-up of the patient’s mouth during the dental treatment.

The logo for KGUN 9 displays.

The side of the Solea Laser with the logo is shown. The camera pans out to show dentist Dr. Atty Smith and reporter Veronica Vernachio in Dr. Smith’s dental office.