How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

An estimated 65% of American adults have crooked teeth, according to a survey by the National Library of Medicine. Luckily, traditional braces and headgear are no longer the only options to realign teeth; there is also Invisalign clear. 

The subtle design of Invisalign clear aligners is a great option for adults and children alike who want to straighten their teeth without the bulk of metal braces. It can also cut the realignment time in half.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is a virtually invisible (hence the name) plastic device used to adjust teeth. It can be a solution for those with an over or underbite, crowding, and gaps. The device is specially fit for your mouth through 3D imaging and a plaster mold. 

Every month or so, the patient will be fit for a new aligner to match the changing positioning of their teeth. The average case takes anywhere between six and 50 trays to complete the treatment.

Factors That Affect Treatment Time

The average treatment time is about a year, but it can take anywhere from six to 36 months. Some patients can begin to see subtle differences as soon as 10 weeks. 

The amount of time Invisalign takes to work is dependent on a few factors out of the patient’s control, but also has a lot to do with how closely they follow their treatment plan.


Children and teenagers are still growing and developing, and this includes their teeth. This makes it easier to realign them. That doesn’t mean that adults will not benefit from Invisalign, it just might take slightly longer. 

Following the Treatment Plan

To receive the results you want, you have to fully commit to your Invisalign treatment plan. This includes taking proper care of your trays, wearing them for the recommended amount of time, and bringing them with you during travel. 

Invisalign clear trays should be worn for the majority of every day, around 20-23 hours, to fully take effect. They should only be removed when they are cleaned, while you eat, and when you brush your teeth.

Complexity of the Case

Each person’s case is unique, so their journey to straight teeth will be also. The complexity of a case is affected by how much the teeth need to move in order to produce the desired outcome. Both crowding and gapping in teeth contribute to the treatment length.

Crowded Teeth

Crowding of teeth is a common problem fixed by Invisalign. This can occur if your jaw is small or your teeth are slightly larger than normal, causing them to overlap or push into one another. Subtle cases of crowding can be realigned in around six months, while more serious cases can take a year or more.

Gapped Teeth

Diastemata, or gaps between teeth, is another common occurrence, and usually easier to fix than crowding. The size of the gap will determine how long it will take to correct. Small gaps can disappear in just eight weeks with Invisalign.
If both gaps and crowding are present, treatment usually takes about 18 months.

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