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My teeth are chipping on the ends and look ‘thin’. Is this something that is part of the natural ‘aging’ process?

While our teeth do get an amazing about of use every day, just because the earth has gone around the sun a few times does not mean you need to just live with your chipping or thinning teeth.

Save Your Teeth With Preventive Dentistry

One of the top reasons for chipped or thinning teeth is from clenching or grinding during the night or even the day. Prevention is the best early on but if your already seeing sign of tooth loss and want to restore what is lost then there are two choices. First would be bonding, done in one visit. Bonding does require some touch up maintenance over the years but is fast and easy on the pocket book.

Another option, especially if a substantial amount of tooth has been worn or chipped away is to look at porcelain veneers. While about two to three visits are needed the esthetic result will be will work the extra work and the look and feel of porcelain veneers is the closest thing we have to natural teeth.

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