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A woman smiling and holding a mirror for a dental check-up

How can I change the color of my teeth?

A bright white smile is a wonderful thing that helps shine each persons’ inner beauty. Depending on the cause, extent, or amount of change desired, whitening or ‘bleaching’ of teeth can provide that boost many are looking for. We have three different choices to fit patients needs, pocket book, and personality.

Teeth Whitening and Dental Bonding in Oro Valley

If more than whitening is needed, the next option is bonding. This is usually completed in one visit. Bonding can show signs from normal wear and tear so there is some maintenance that is needed every few years, but is a good economical, fast way to enhance your smile.

The premium way to change the color, and also some shape/small rotation desires, is with porcelain veneers. What is great about porcelain veneers is that the color lasts, there is no dulling or staining of the porcelain. They look and feel just like natural teeth.