Sleep Apnea Alternative to CPAP Commercial Transcription

Audio Transcription

[CPAP machine sounds and dramatic music]

[Woosh of a plasma sword powering on]

NARRATOR: Is sleep apnea bringing out the dark side of your family? Are you tired of feeling exhausted due to sleep apnea? Smith Dentalworks can help. We’re proud to offer the Vivos system, an innovative alternative to CPAP or surgical interventions. To learn more about Vivos, contact us today.

Visual Transcription

We see the exterior of a home at night. A young girl is asleep in bed, but is woken up by a loud sound. She gets out of bed and grabs a green plasma sword toy and walks down the hallway into her parents’ bedroom. When she gets there, she realizes the sound is her dad’s CPAP machine for sleep apnea treatment. The dad is amused as he explains, but the sound is annoying for his family, so they encourage him to find an alternative way to manage sleep apnea.

The dad goes to Smith Dentalworks and meets with Dr. Atty Smith, an experienced Oro Valley dentist. She shows him the Vivos system, which is an oral appliance that can treat sleep apnea with CPAP or surgery. The dad is happy to have a new treatment for his sleep apnea.

The video ends with the logo for Smith Dentalsworks and also displays their phone number and website address: 520-505-4422 and