Sleep Apnea Treatment Transcript - Commercial 1

Audio Transcription

[CPAP machine sounds]

VOICE-OVER: Night after night. It’s relentless. It’s exhausting. Sleep apnea is a serious problem for many families, but there is hope. At Smith Dentalworks, we understand your issue and offer the innovative Vivos system. No more CPAP or surgical interventions. Just newfound relief and a better night’s rest… for everyone. Contact Smith Dentalworks today for more information.

Visual Transcription

A man and his wife are in bed asleep. The husband has a loud CPAP device on to treat his sleep apnea. The wife is awake and annoyed by the sound of the CPAP and is looking for an alternative treatment. She shakes her husband to wake him up.

Later, the husband goes to Smith Dentalworks. Dr. Atty Smith, a dentist in Oro Valley, explains the innovative Vivos System to treat sleep apnea. She shows the man the custom oral appliance and explains that it is an alternative to CPAP.

The man is now able to sleep soundly and his wife is not annoyed by the sound of the CPAP machine.

The video ends with the Smith Dentalworks logo, the phone number 520-505-4422, and the website