Common Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Your smile is often one of the first things someone notices about you. If it doesn’t look the way you prefer, it can impact your confidence. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to change the way your smile looks. Our Oro Valley dentist’s office can address a wide variety of cosmetic concerns.

Some issues that can be corrected with cosmetic dental care include:

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are not always a purely cosmetic concern, and can also affect your oral health. That being said, straightening your smile can definitely improve your confidence, even if the misalignment is not major enough to cause any issues beyond aesthetics.

Treatments – Invisalign or Veneers

Invisalign aligners are clear and discreet. You can get a straighter smile in as little as 12 months with fewer check-ups than braces. Dr. Atty Smith is a preferred Invisalign provider and can examine your smile to determine whether this treatment is best for you.

In cases of very minor crookedness, veneers are another possible option. These are thin porcelain shells which cover your teeth and can be helpful for many different cosmetic issues. However, this is not ideal for serious misalignment.

Cracks in Teeth

Cracked teeth can range from purely cosmetic to a serious dental issue. Superficial cracks, known as craze lines, are a common cause for self-consciousness and are associated with aging or stress on teeth. Deeper cracks, especially those that extend below the gum line, can damage the internal structure of the tooth and typically require more extensive intervention.

Treatments – Veneers, Bonding, or Crowns

Veneers are a great treatment for cosmetic cracks since they cover the surface of the tooth.  Dental bonding, which is the use of a composite material to make minor cosmetic adjustments, is also an option. While bonding is less durable than veneers, it is more cost-effective.

If the crack is serious, a dental crown may be necessary. In the most severe cases, you may need to have the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant topped with a crown.

Gap Teeth

Some people enjoy the appearance of a gap between their teeth, whereas others do not. A gap between the two front teeth is usually the most noticeable, and therefore is more common for patients to seek treatment for.

Treatments – Veneers, Bonding, or Invisalign

Veneers can cover a small gap between teeth. Bonding can close a small to medium gap. If the gap is one of multiple orthodontic issues, then Invisalign may be beneficial. Our dentist can examine your gap and determine the best treatment(s) for your needs.

Stained or Discolored Teeth

Teeth can become discolored to stained due to aging, certain foods or drinks, or a variety of other causes. No matter why it happens, a stained or discolored smile is one of the most common cosmetic dental concerns.

Treatment – Whitening or Veneers

Teeth whitening is the most straight-forward solution for staining, and we offer both at-home and in-office solutions. In cases of severe discoloration, or if the yellow color is a result of exposed dentin, veneers may also be an option. Veneers are also more permanent and allow you to address multiple cosmetic issues at once.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Our Oro valley dentist’s office

At Smith Dentalworks, we can address the concerns listed above as well as other cosmetic issues. We also offer restorative and preventative dentistry.

If you have cosmetic dental issues you’d like to address, contact us today.